Whether we’re working with a landowner to bring back pioneer species or thinning a hardwood forest to create a stand of healthy, well-spaced trees, we always work in full compliance with all voluntary rules, state guidelines and federal regulations regarding forestry conservation.
We build forestry conservation elements into all our management plans, habitat preservation programs and recreation enhancement options. Because at FutureWood, we always leave the land better than we found it. A lot better.

futurewood forest sun beams

FutureWood customers turn to us for counsel on:
  • Forestry best management practices, including erosion control, maintenance of riparian management zones and stream-crossing guidelines.
  • Harvesting and regeneration needs, such as selective thinning, clear-cut harvesting to regenerate pioneer species, and seed tree/shelter wood preservation.
  • Improving the visual quality of land services, which can include shaping, sizing, creating buffer strips, and visual engineering.
  • Enhancing wildlife habitats by preserving seed-bearing or den trees, creating thermal cover for wintering species, and protecting rare-species sites.

At FutureWood, we are proud to be known throughout the Upper Midwest for setting a high standard of wise land stewardship and judicious forest harvesting, and for leading the way to a healthier, more sustainable and more profitable Great Northwoods.