Timber appraisals

Futurewood will utilize its expertise in timber valuations. We are active in the marketplace and have an exceptional understanding of the constant changes in the forest industry. We implement GIS technology and timber cruises in the field to develop an accurate timber appraisal.

Map preparation

Futurewood will develop a customized map of your property, favorite fishing lake, or hunting area. Futurewood has access to aerial photography within 2 years for basically anywhere in the world. Maps are available in sizes 8″ X 11″ up to 36″ X 48″ glossy or paper finish.
Managed Forest Law (MFL) plan preparation
Futurewood will develop a forest management plan based on the science of forestry and incorporate your goals to enroll your land into the tax incentive MFL program.

  • MFL program summary
  • MFL enrollment process
  • Cost sharing information for forest projects

Wildlife enhancement projects

Futurewood will work directly with you to create a wildlife package considering food, water, and cover for your desired wildlife that you are trying to attract. Futurewood can design and implement your wildlife enhancement project from start to finish. Maintenance programs are also available once your land has been improved.



DJ Aderman, President 
Main Office: 715 – 634-4843