FutureWood’s comprehensive land-management services don’t end when the plan has been implemented. A sophisticated network of rail, shipping and trucking allows FutureWood to supply markets near and far with fiber, pulpwood and other forest products. And the best contacts in the industry make sure that we are the first call for an ever-growing list of lumber mills, paper mills and building-product mills both regionally and throughout the nation.

When flooding hit the southern United States last year, for example, FutureWood was called to provide pulpwood from Wisconsin trees to mills in Texas, Virginia, South Carolina and Kentucky.

Some clients may think that FutureWood supplies wood locally. Which, of course, we do. But we’re also pleased to say that we have the transportation networks, the secured supply of stumpage, the loggers and truckers – everything we need to ship raw forest products anywhere in the continental United States. Which, of course, we also do.